RM32 board

RM32 Remote Management & Tracking board (datasheet)including GPS and GSM modules (Does not include cables)  $249.00 ea.







Cable, with 12 pin TYCO connector at one end (pinouts)  

$9.99 ea. 

GPS antenna, active, 28 dB gain, 120 cm cable with SMA-F connector 

$12.99 ea.

GSM passive patch antenna with adhesive, 120 cm cable with SMA-M (Reverse polarity) connector

 $5.99 ea.

OPMA2368 board

On sale soon. Check out the data sheet.

ADB1 AMC proto board

This is a small card with an AMC card edge connector that accepts an Olimex LPC-H2148 header dev board. We're making a pre production batch available for early adopters. Does not include the Olimex daughter board. See the coreIPM MMC Implementation Guide for usage. $60.00 ea.



Schematic for LPC-H2148